This kid was happy as a clam to move into his new, big boy bed in a larger room this week. You’d never know it by looking at him, but Garrin still has caronavirus, one of the viruses that causes the common cold. Unfortunately, the virus makes it difficult for doctors to know what is […]

Checking the Boxes

To stay off the tube, Garrin must □ gain weight, □ maintain appropriate oxygen saturation while weaning oxygen, and □ diffuse and exhale an appropriate amount of carbon dioxide. Since being put on CPAP, he has been able to check each of these three boxes, avoiding intubation.  Unfortunately, he was not able to check any […]

First Halloween

Happy Halloween from our adorable little calf! The nitric oxide machine is off, and it has been moved out of our room again. Garrin’s oxygen needs have been stable even after removing the nitric. In addition to respiratory changes, Garrin had his first eye exam. Three nurses told me that the eye exam is not […]

Surprising Everyone

Garrin is still on CPAP, nasal RAM cannula, which has come as a pleasant surprise to many of the nurses and NNPs on staff. It is just so amazing to everyone that he has come so far from last week’s setback in so little time. Last week, the team was discussing replacing his tube when […]

Go Garrin Go

Praise God! Things are looking up for Garrin. The health care team was able to make a series of changes to his medications and vent settings yesterday afternoon to stabilize him, though he was still needing 100% oxygen and nitric oxide to maintain appropriate saturation levels. Over night, Garrin’s top notch primary nurse was able […]

One Month Old

We’ve gone from counting minutes to hours to days to weeks to… ONE MONTH! August to September, one entire month has gone by since my sweet little baby arrived. To commemorate this milestone, Garrin had a slew of tests, all of which came back as expected. His chest X-ray looked the same if not slightly […]