Relishing in the Boring

Another holiday has came and went as our sweet Garrin continues to plug away in the NICU.  He handled his 2-month vaccines like a champ.  I had been warned several times that he may need increased respiratory support during the 12-24 hours after the vaccines, but it was not as bad as I had anticipated. […]

Surprising Everyone

Garrin is still on CPAP, nasal RAM cannula, which has come as a pleasant surprise to many of the nurses and NNPs on staff. It is just so amazing to everyone that he has come so far from last week’s setback in so little time. Last week, the team was discussing replacing his tube when […]

Crash and Burn

It’s been what seems like a long time since I’ve felt that heart-being-ripped-out-of-your-chest kind of fear. Unfortunately, it is back tonight. After what seemed like a really good day and a great week (I mean, the boy is now wearing diapers that you can actually buy at the store!), Garrin’s oxygen needs increased dramatically for […]

Light as a Feather

The breathing struggles continued today; although, even the doctor, very matter of factly, said that Garrin seems to be responding a little better to this ventilator. I had a chance to visit with two different nurse practitioners, and each reminded me of the things that Garrin has going for him: he’s tolerating feedings, his bowels […]