This kid was happy as a clam to move into his new, big boy bed in a larger room this week. You’d never know it by looking at him, but Garrin still has caronavirus, one of the viruses that causes the common cold. Unfortunately, the virus makes it difficult for doctors to know what is […]

Checking the Boxes

To stay off the tube, Garrin must □ gain weight, □ maintain appropriate oxygen saturation while weaning oxygen, and □ diffuse and exhale an appropriate amount of carbon dioxide. Since being put on CPAP, he has been able to check each of these three boxes, avoiding intubation.  Unfortunately, he was not able to check any […]

In the Light of Day

Everything looks better in the light of day, even more so after a few hours of sleep, and this situation is no different. On Tuesday, we received a phone call indicating that Garrin’s overnight oxygen saturation trend analysis from last week revealed significant desaturations. These results in combination with Garrin’s increased oxygen needs at home […]

It Looks Bad

I cannot breathe. Things are bad. The doctor talks about them getting worse. There is no way to tell how far along in the caronavirus cycle he is. Or how bad it will get. His lungs are still bad. A virus is the very last thing he needed. We knew that. We did everything we […]

Relishing in the Boring

Another holiday has came and went as our sweet Garrin continues to plug away in the NICU.  He handled his 2-month vaccines like a champ.  I had been warned several times that he may need increased respiratory support during the 12-24 hours after the vaccines, but it was not as bad as I had anticipated. […]

A Pothole

Garrin had had a really good week and was able to have his CPAP settings weaned twice before hitting another bump in the road, a pothole, if you will. My husband came up Thursday night for a visit and some snuggles. Unfortunately, Garrin had several Brady episodes and was frequently desating, needing significantly more oxygen […]

Surprising Everyone

Garrin is still on CPAP, nasal RAM cannula, which has come as a pleasant surprise to many of the nurses and NNPs on staff. It is just so amazing to everyone that he has come so far from last week’s setback in so little time. Last week, the team was discussing replacing his tube when […]