In the Light of Day

Everything looks better in the light of day, even more so after a few hours of sleep, and this situation is no different. On Tuesday, we received a phone call indicating that Garrin’s overnight oxygen saturation trend analysis from last week revealed significant desaturations. These results in combination with Garrin’s increased oxygen needs at home […]

It Looks Bad

I cannot breathe. Things are bad. The doctor talks about them getting worse. There is no way to tell how far along in the caronavirus cycle he is. Or how bad it will get. His lungs are still bad. A virus is the very last thing he needed. We knew that. We did everything we […]

Blazing His Own Trail

Guess who’s on low flow AND working on eating‼️ Hint: He’s an 8 lb 2 oz miracle that is blazing his own trail. It’s Garrin‼️ Our big boy got moved to low flow yesterday, against the recommendation of the respiratory therapist, and he’s rocking it. One of our absolutely favorite primary nurses moved Garrin to […]

A Pothole

Garrin had had a really good week and was able to have his CPAP settings weaned twice before hitting another bump in the road, a pothole, if you will. My husband came up Thursday night for a visit and some snuggles. Unfortunately, Garrin had several Brady episodes and was frequently desating, needing significantly more oxygen […]

First Halloween

Happy Halloween from our adorable little calf! The nitric oxide machine is off, and it has been moved out of our room again. Garrin’s oxygen needs have been stable even after removing the nitric. In addition to respiratory changes, Garrin had his first eye exam. Three nurses told me that the eye exam is not […]

A Different Baby

We had our first care conference today, which was a little intimidating at first. It was very reminiscent of the job interviews I’ve had in where the candidate, or parent in this case, is sat at a conference room table surrounded by a group of experts. Eight medical professionals, including the neonatologist, dietitian, NNP, nurse, […]