Busting Out

Guess what?!  The change to Enfamil AR worked!  Garrin’s NG tube was pulled on Friday, and barring any complications or shenanigans from Garrin, we are busting out of this joint by the end of next week‼️ We have already started working on the “Journey to Home” checklist. Safe sleep and shaken baby videos ✔️ Hearing […]

Blazing His Own Trail

Guess who’s on low flow AND working on eating‼️ Hint: He’s an 8 lb 2 oz miracle that is blazing his own trail. It’s Garrin‼️ Our big boy got moved to low flow yesterday, against the recommendation of the respiratory therapist, and he’s rocking it. One of our absolutely favorite primary nurses moved Garrin to […]

This Kid

There is never a dull moment with Garrin.  We went back up to the hospital last night to take up some more breast milk. Almost as soon as we walked in the door, Garrin started having clustered Brady episodes. He didn’t tolerate either of us holding him, and he continued to Brady over and over […]

Relishing in the Boring

Another holiday has came and went as our sweet Garrin continues to plug away in the NICU.  He handled his 2-month vaccines like a champ.  I had been warned several times that he may need increased respiratory support during the 12-24 hours after the vaccines, but it was not as bad as I had anticipated. […]

World Prematurity Day

Yesterday was World Prematurity Day, a day that seeks to bring awareness to the challenges facing preemies and their families. According to March of Dimes, one in ten babies is born premature. On November 17th, we honor all of the little heroes like Garrin. *Warning: This post contains somewhat graphic pregnancy related details all of […]