Finding Our Way

It’s hard to believe that Garrin has already been home for more than two weeks. What an amazing and challenging whirlwind it has been!

Throughout the last two weeks, I have been reminded of the ways that pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and even home health companies put profit over patients’ well being. I’ve spent hours on the phone since Garrin came home trying to jump through all the hoops necessary to get Garrin the medicine and durable medical equipment that he needs. Thankfully, I was able to get connected with two people that were willing to go the extra mile to find a way rather than giving us the customary “we don’t do that.” 

This week alone, our little man had seven — yes, you read that right, seven — appointments. Each of the doctors that saw Garrin for the first time this week said that he is doing incredibly well considering his rough start at life. He will have his hernia repaired in February and continue to be followed regularly by pulmonology, speech, occupational therapy, early interventions, and more.

In addition to caring for Garrin, taking him to his follow-up appointments, the regular barrage of false alarms from his monitors, and being sick this week, I am back in the classroom this term. I absolutely love my work and my students, and I am so thankful to work for an organization that was willing to work with me as my family finds our new normal. I can honestly say that we have yet to figure out what “normal” is going to look like, but we are so thankful to finally be home with everyone under the same roof.

Even though we are home, this journey continues to be difficult for my older children. They are doing the very best they can, but they can’t understand why they have to wash their hands 100 times a day and still stay a comfortable distance away from Garrin. It is definitely been a different experience that the first three babies we brought home from the hospital. It also doesn’t help that we’ve been passing around some upper respiratory crud. Thankfully, Garrin is slowly transitioning back to breast milk so he is again getting some of the antibodies my milk contains.

Please don’t think I’m complaining. We have been blessed more in our lives than we deserve. That said, I’ve been real about this journey from Day 1, and for us, the last two weeks have been a reminder that what was once normal may never be our normal again.

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.” – Richard Branson


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