Getting to this day would not have been possible without the nurses and NNPs.  They are some of the most intelligent and compassionate human beings I know. They provided Garrin with the highest level of health care possible. They spent countless hours getting to know him and his quirks, and they went to bat for him to ensure the changes being made were the right ones. They met us at the lowest of our lows, and they walked beside us through the ups and downs of Garrin’s NICU journey. They were calm, cool, and collected through it all, even, and especially, when things were dire. They spent hours talking me through the “what ifs,” and they held me when I cried. They celebrated the smallest of milestones with us and became part of our family. The hardest part about bringing Garrin home was knowing that we wouldn’t see them every day. They are the heart and soul of the  NICU. They are the “secret sauce,” if you will. They have touched our hearts and our lives more than they know.

It’s finally here — a day we once questioned would ever come for our son yet we continued to hope and pray for.  After 146 days in the hospital, our little Garrin graduated from the NICU.  And he’s home.

“God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Thank you God.” ~Unknown

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