Surprising Everyone

Garrin is still on CPAP, nasal RAM cannula, which has come as a pleasant surprise to many of the nurses and NNPs on staff. It is just so amazing to everyone that he has come so far from last week’s setback in so little time. Last week, the team was discussing replacing his tube when he crashed and burned, paralyzing his lungs if that didn’t work, and moving him to the oscillator, the type of ventilator that Garrin was on for his first two weeks of life, as a last resort. Fast forward six days, and he’s extubated and requiring less oxygen than he has in weeks. Our primary nurses were shocked, to say the least, bythe doctor’s decision to give extubation a try and even more surprised that Garrin made it through the first day, now going on four, without needing to be reintubated. Beyond that, Garrin went from needing 92% oxygen pre-extubation, up to 100% immediately following the removal of the tube, to a low of 32% after several hours of kangaroo care. Hallelujah! 

Recent blood tests, combined with Garrin’s clinical picture and improving oxygen needs, bought him a poke free day tomorrow. We love that especially after the pokes he endured to receive the IV antibiotic for that crazy UTI. Two nurses tried with no avail, and after giving Garrin a rest, the NNP tried the only vein she thought had a chance of holding and allowing the infusion of the medicine. Thankfully, it was a success, so, for as long as it doesn’t infiltrate, Garrin has a unicorn IV.

Garrin will be given his last doses of the antibiotic and steroid today. He is being weaned from the nitric oxide once again — fingers crossed, that machine will be gone sometime next week. We are hoping for minimal regression after all of that is said and done and then a string of at least four weeks of boring. I’m not sure what this particular doctor foresees after that, but we say bring on the boring, even though rarely has a day here in the NICU really been boring.

“Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful, or to discover something that is true.” ~William Ralph Inge


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