A Perfect Afternoon

Minus the NICU setting and the medical apparatus keeping Garrin alive, this afternoon was exactly what I had imagined our lives being like with a new baby. Garrin was dressed in a warm sleeper, and he spent hours on my chest. Each of my older children smiled and cooed at him, telling him how much they love him. My oldest son fell asleep on the couch and our five year old played on my husband’s phone while our daughter read to Garrin and me. Each proud, older sibling held their baby brother’s back through his blanket and played with Garrin’s little fingers with his octopuses. Our daughter prayed over her tiny brother, thanking God for all of our blessings and asking him to help Garrin grow stronger and stronger. Garrin was swaddled and put back to bed, but before he dozed off, he watched me as I reminded him how loved he is. It was a picture perfect afternoon, one that I will not soon forget.

There were somany firsts for Garrin in the last 24 hours:

  • First time wearing clothes
  • First time his older siblings saw him outside of the isolate
  • First time they were able to touch him
  • First family picture
  • First time his big sister read him a book
  • First time being swaddled with a blanket

Such a good day.

Clinically, Garrin’s condition remains about the same. He is still on quite a bit more respiratory support than he had been prior to the UTI. It’s hard to tell what this setback will mean for the long-term goal of extubation. The doctor and NNP want to wait to see where he’s at after the steroid and the antibiotic have run their course. The good news is that Garrin’s blood gas analysis this morning was good enough to allow for a small wean on the vent. Additionally, he is back to full feeds, and handling cares and being held like he was prior to his nose dive on Thursday. We are so thankful for every micropreemie step back in the right direction.

With everything that happened this week, including all of the setbacks, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow our little man will be exactly two months old. What’s even harder to believe is that he is 60 days old today and it’s still 58 days until his due date. God is so good.

“Life is rare and crazy, and its journey exceptional.” ~Medium

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