17 Minutes

Garrin was delivered naturally in the operating room nearly 17 weeks before his due date. The operating room connects to the NICU so Garrin was able to be quickly resuscitated after an unexpectedly quick delivery.

Time of birth was 1:07 am.

I had to stay in the operating room for a short period before being wheeled back to my original room for monitoring. My husband and sister saw Garrin within minutes of his birth, long before I could.

1:07 am. That time was immediately branded to my brain.

As I sat in recovery and eventually postpartum, I watched the clock as the seconds ticked by. I specifically remember seeing 1:50 am, and no one from the NICU had been in with bad news. Seventeen more minutes, I thought. Seventeen more minutes and he will be one hour old.

Then in what seemed like forever, it was 2:50 am. Again I remember thinking, seventeen more minutes. Seventeen more minutes and he will be two hours old.

Time kept ticking by, and thankfully our sweet baby boy kept fighting to the point that we started counting days. For the first couple of weeks of Garrin’s life, I would intentionally stay up past 1:07 am so I could witness him turn another day older. One day old, two days old, three days old.

Days turned into weeks, and now, this sweet little boy, who I was once aging by the hour, is 4 weeks old.

4 weeks = 28 days = 672 hours. Each of these hours, though some of the most harrowing of my life, is time with my son that I wouldn’t trade for anything. My husband and I take the bad with the good, and we thank God for each and every second.

Garrin had another big day today. He had his one month brain ultrasound which showed his Grade 2 brain bleed is resolving – amazing news! His second PICC line was removed. And he got his first pacifier.

“Be encouraged. Hold your head up high and know God is in control and has a plan for you. Instead of focusing on all the bad, be thankful for all the good.” ~Germany Kent

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