One Year

It’s been exactly one year since we were a family of six outside of hospital walls living the life I wanted us to live.  That night, we took everyone, including Garrin, to Applebee’s to celebrate Lucy’s 8th birthday, one of our very few outings with him other than visits to his pediatrician.  We sat in […]

Those Damn Lungs

It seems like an eternity since we had our beautiful son at home with us, since we actually really felt like a family of six. I worry some days that I took those weeks for granted by thinking that we had years to spend together. When I walk through my house, seeing Garrin’s baby things […]


We all know it: Getting parenting advice can be the worst. I have received quite a bit of the “in one ear, out the other” kind of advice over the years.  Whether it’s diapering, pets, or sleeping arrangements, everyone’s got an opinion.  Don’t worry, that’s not what I’m trying to pedal.  Instead, here are two […]